Where to Give


You can make your mark on any aspect of a student's experience at GW, whether it be through directly giving towards scholarships, supporting student based initiatives, academics, or even things like student organizations. 

  • Support scholarship. 

    • The Power and Promise Fund for Student Aid (P&P) is the university's general scholarship fund, so any student can benefit from it.

    • Each individual school has their own individual Power and Promise Fund. By supporting your school's P&P Fund, you support students just like yourself. 

    • The Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Fund is a scholarship fund for veterans to help cover the costs of attendance that the GI Bill doesn't. 

    • Smaller scholarships can be found in your financial aid section on Banweb. Many times smaller scholarships aid specific types of students, so supporting these types of scholarships are a great way to support students very similar to yourself.

    • The Ronald W. Howard Student Assistance Fund is an emergency fund that helps students in times of desperate need. This fund can help cover the cost of attendance, flights back home, supplies for the school year; anything that a student might need during a crisis. 

  • Support student life. 

    • The Student Activities Fund provides financial support to all student organizations throughout the university. By supporting this fund, not only can you support your own student organization, but you can support your friends' as well and give back in a way that helps all students. 

    • Your own student organization can receive funding directly from you as a member, which can be incredibly impactful and gives back to something that might be very important to your experience. 

    • The Greek Life Fund supports all Greek Life organizations on campus, and is a good way to keep our Greek community vibrant, especially if it was important to you during your four years here.

      • The Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Association, and Multicultural Greek Life can be supported more specifically, in addition to something as specific as your individual chapter

    • The Knowledge and Action Career Internship Fund provides stipends of up to $3,000 to help alleviate the costs associated with having an unpaid internship. 

    • The Center for Career Services helps students find internships, professional development, career advising, and many other things to help prepare students to enter the workforce well-prepared after they graduate. 

  • Enhance academics. 

    • Giving back to your school, your school's Dean's Fund, your department, program, concentration, or even your favorite professor's research are all ways to make GW even more presitigious and help improve our rankings significantly, which helps all of our alumni and current students.