Senior Testimonials

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Reasons To Give


Zhengxu Jin

I decided to give back to the Elliott School because I feel that it has had the most impact on me, since I have been at George Washington. In addition, I gave at the Luther Rice Level because I feel that the level ensures success for years to come, and it allows me to leave a legacy and ensure that future students can have the same resources as I was able to have. 


Sarhana Fernandes

I decided to give at the Luther Rice Level to both Delta Sigma Pi and Program Board. I feel that both of these entities have been integral parts of my GW experience, and I would like future Colonials interested in these opportunities to have the same resources as I have had. Additionally, the Luther Rice Level is a great way to leave a mark and impact. 

valerie robert

Valerie Robert

I chose to give to the Senior Gift Campaign through the Luther Rice Society donation, specifically to Phi Sigma Sigma and the Greek Life Fund, because I know that my gift will help give future sisters and other Greeks the same incredible experience that I had during my undergrad. Our alumae have given back to our chapter in ways that directly impact my experience and have made my time in Phi Sig that much better, and I want to leave a legacy in the same way for future sisters. 



Calla Gilson

Hi I’m Calla Gillson, and I am originally from Ohio! I sat down with Luke and decided to give to Humans of GW because it’s the place I feel I’ve been able to make an impact on campus. Through my gift, I hope that Humans of GW will be able to keep the conversations I helped start on campus going and make this place feel like home for students

Maya Blair

Maya Blair

After discussing over a cup of coffee with Luke, I decided to give my sustaining gift to the Power And Promise Fund for Student Aid. I feel that it is an integral part of the student experience here, and I felt that it was the best way to leave my mark and legacy! Additionally, so many of my peers and friends have benefited from the fund, and I thought it would be another way to thank the university for all it has done for them and for me. 


Robert Kang

Hi! I’m Robert and I gave my senior gift to Washington Area Model United Nations because I wanted to leave my mark on an organization that has largely impacted my experience at GW. My passion for travel and foreign affairs also influenced my decision as we are the university that hosts the conference for domestic and international high school students.



Aidan Kearns

“After a cup of coffee with Luke, I chose to give my Luther Rice gift to the Psychology Department at GW. In my time here, I’ve been provided with such an invaluable education, which I’m very excited to build on in the future.”
You can make your recurring gift at Remember, for every 23 seniors that make a recurring gift, President LeBlanc will give $1000 for student space on campus.


Sharon Yoon

Hi, my name is Sharon Yoon, and I am from Syosset, New York. I gave to the Music at the Corcoran because I wanted to leave my mark and legacy on a department that has impacted much of my time at the university. I also want to allow future generations of musicians to have the same opportunities I had, if not more, furthering their passions for music. I am also glad to have joined the Senior Class Campaign and help other seniors understand the importance of giving.


Sebastian Weinmann

For my Luther Rice Senior Class Gift, I decided to give to GW College Democrats because as a former e-board member, I know the important and impactful work the organization does to promote progressive causes on campus, in DC, and throughout the country. I found a home and family in Dems my first week at GW, and I know my gift will help Dems continue fostering an inclusive environment for all GW students.