About the Campaign

The Senior Class Gift Campaign, a tradition at GW since the 1980s, is a way for each class to leave their legacy on the university through philanthropic efforts. The campaign has created decades of GW Loyal donors and serves as the beginning of an alumni giving career. This year, we have the unique opportunity to create an impact as distinct and diverse as our class by giving back to the areas of the university and organizations of our choice. We can give to any part of the university we choose - scholarships and financial aid, our schools, our favorite athletic teams, our student organizations. It is our choice! Our gifts today will provide current and future GW students with the same resources that we have received through gifts from GW alumni. Support from past Colonials affects every aspect of our experience at GW.

This year, we are challenged to make 2020: Loyal to the Buff and Blue of GW. Loyal philanthropy - through sustaining gifts - enhances the student experience year after year, and ensures that future colonials are able to take advantage of all GW has to offer. We look forward to establishing relationships with all of our seniors, their student organizations, and the GW community as a whole. 

The Senior Class Gift is your first step into the community of George Washington University alumni. After years of growth and new experiences, it's a chance to give back to the institution and community that helped shape us!